Sunday, June 19, 2011

On My Last Day of Freedom

I do love my dramatic post titles.

In this post: A new coffee shop, Augie's and Individual Vegan Pot Pies

Tomorrow I go to my first day of my surgery rotation, and there's a reasonable possibility I won't have another weekend until it's over - in two and a half months. I'm supposed to get one day off per week, so hopefully at least that will happen. 

I've had a good last day though. Boyfriend's been here since Tuesday, and I like it when he visits - he'll cook with me, and he's a champion of kitchen cleanup. He also has a good eye for local coffee shops we might like. 

Today we tried Augie's in Redlands. They do latte art, and I just got a coffee. 

Side of a little review for tomorrow.

I also like when John visits because he's usually willing to tell me something that sounds good to eat and then help me find a recipe and make it. This weekend we made pot pies. I took the opportunity to buy some ramekins from World Market, and we made individual ones. We used the Veganomicon recipe, but used a drained can each of black and kidney beans instead of seitan, because Boyfriend's up for a lot, but imitation meat is sometimes a little too much. We used the full crust recipe, with half whole wheat, but split it between the four ramekins, which gave a higher crust to filling ration than the original recipe, which I thought was really good. I think the crust might have been my favorite part - and, confession: It's my first pie crust ever!

The kitchen gets a little crazy when we cook. 

Boyfriend stirring our cornmeal roux. 

I love putting my spices in a little prep bowl, so I can pretend I'm on a cooking show. 

Crust rolled out. 

Waiting to be assembled. 


Bake on a cookie sheet with foil because they bubble over. 

How cute are they?

So good. Boyfriend agreed. 

And now the original Terminator is on channel 5 (I've never seen it...but I'm not so sure this is my style), I'm hanging out with roommates, and I have a few things to do to be ready for tomorrow. I should probably iron my white coat. 

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