Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Sister's a High School Graduate!

On my second-to-last day in Oregon, I got to go see my sister Emma graduate from high school.

I'm so proud of her, of everything she's accomplished and the beautiful, strong, independent, wickedly witty and bright woman she's grown into.

Congratulations Emma!

Blurry diploma-receiving...totally my fault on the picture-taking. 

You did it!



My lovely grandparents.

Nicola, Emma.

Like crazy little BFFs.

Just two years left for this one. Nicola you're not possibly that old. Stop right now. 

I love you Emma, congrats again!

And now I'm (sadly) back in Loma Linda and away from all of them again. At 8:30 am tomorrow, third year starts. Wow, it seems like that went by fast. 

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