Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday: In Santa Barbara

Happy Wednesday friends!

This is my first official participation in the What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) party (check it out at Peas and Crayons!), though often my posts tend in that direction, and I have been known to do a Thorough Thursday or two. It's much more fun all linked up to so many other people.

Breakfast (8:30 am): Backyard Bowls' oatmeal with strawberries. If I'm in Santa Barbara for more than a day, it seems like I usually make it to breakfast here. Boyfriend got the Berry Bowl, more of a smoothie in a bowl with granola/fruit topping.

Snacks (3:45 pm): 1 square Lindt 90% Cacao Dark (okay, that is dark, but awesome, thanks Arisa!), a fuji apple, Starbucks Vanilla Roiboos Soy Tea Latte - a date with my lovely friend Bri. 

Dinner (7 pm): Leftover Pineapple Red Curry with Brown Rice from Your Place on Monday night. 

Did you notice? Yeah...Lunch is missing. I don't know if it's the fun of vacation or my ridiculously delicious breakfast or a substantial dinner last night, but I just didn't get hungry. At all. Until my snacks close to 4, and even then it felt like I was forcing it on my stomach. I feel great, not sick or anything, some days are just weird like that I guess. 

Extras: This. Hydration is important. Bonus points when it's so dang delicious. 

Your turn! What'd you eat today?

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