Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tachy Med Student: Pimped Past Midnight

Have I talked about pimping yet?

Not the velvet purple-suited cane-wielding kind. 

I feel like I have mentioned it, but just in case, a little term definition:

Pimping: noun. The act of questioning your medical students and residents in order to make them sweat, cry, and cause all their sphincters to synchronously clamp down. If we can break through the nerves, we almost always learn something.

Getting pimped: Being the medical student forced to learn. And sweat. 

Last night was my last call on surgery. It was also the busiest. Things were actually pretty calm in terms of new patients, but I scrubbed in on a case that went from 10:00 pm - 3:00 am. In total, I slept from 4 - 5 am. 

That one hour though? It was awesome. 

Then I had patients to see before going to the operating room and getting pimped until I left around 1 pm. 28 hours total. 

It was actually a very positive experience. The surgeons I scrubbed with in the middle of the night weren't people I had worked with before and they discussed areas I hadn't reviewed in a while, so I did feel like I learned quite a bit. 

I found my eyes literally closed while holding the retractor in surgery this morning though. If I could sleep standing up without falling into the sterile field I guarantee I would have.

Another definition - Post-call: The situation of having been on pager all night and therefore having a plausible excuse for looking like a hot mess. 

Post-call I had a couple of appointments - including my first one the gynecologist. She was great, but it's the gynecologist you know?

What a couple days. 

But to wind down?

Friends + Bachelor Pad. 

Don't judge. I'm post-call.

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