Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIAW: Back to School

The strangeness of this week is that my time is suddenly my own again. Except for the OSCE (standardized clinical exam) I took yesterday, we've had lecture and study time. No hospital. No clinic. Like first and second year for the most part. It's nice to eat breakfast when it's light outside.

Breakfast: Yogurt bowl. Blueberries and peaches = summer.

However, even though we've only been rotating 10 weeks, this return to class makes me feel mentally really far away from the first two years - my ability to sit and listen for hours at a time has made an exponential decline.

I love the healthcare environment - seeing patients, learning that way. The classroom feels like the wrong place to be.

Especially for 6 hours! I guess there's just a lot to cover before we take the Surgery exam on Friday.

Lunch: Tofurky sandwich on Ezekiel bread. My go-to packed lunch returns for the hours of lecture today.

And if I survive all the lecture wide awake, a SIAWG (Smoothie in a Wine Glass) reward...

Snack: SIAWG

Dinner: Spaghetti marinara with white beans and broccoli. Leftovers from Monday.

Confession time: Not a single one of these pictures is new. Apparently WIAW today is also recycled picture/leftover day.

That's all. Time to take my lunchbox and go to school. I don't know why it feels so odd. I feel like I should track down my graphing calculator and my protractor. Maybe some tape for my glasses.

Do you switch easily into different routines? Do you have any advice about it?

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