Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zpizza: The Vegan and the Omnivore

It's not quite Beauty and the Beast - seriously, Boyfriend's way too good-looking for that - but you could qualify us for Beauty and the Beast-eater I suppose.

John eats very healthfully, and he's a champion of trying new and slightly questionable vegan dishes and products. A couple months ago I offered him some mashed potatoes and didn't tell him they were half mashed cauliflower. Sneaky vegetable-pushing girlfriend. Understandably, sometimes he just wants some predictable meat.

Enter Zpizza - which I have written about before, but had terrible pictures, so that warrants an update. The Berkeley Vegan is a pizza with Daiya cheese (I ask them to go light on it - I actually don't like Daiya much), burger crumbles, veggies and a nice crisp crust. Boyfriend and I get a large - half BBQ chicken, half vegan. We always get raised eyebrows with this order. 2 slices are about perfect for me, so I end up taking home another meal's worth.

So for all those times you want everyone to be happy (and don't have the energy to trick anyone into vegetables) I really like Zpizza.

Have you ever tricked someone into eating something good for them? Or something bad for them - actually those are even better stories. 

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