Monday, September 19, 2011

Still Alive

Remember back when I used to write sometimes? I just felt the need for a bit of a break over the past week, especially given how down I was feeling this time last week. It wasn't a crippling kind of downer mood, but I've just had minimal energy for anything but making it through my days in the hospital without looking like too much of a hot mess disaster. 

Breakfasts have been eaten in the dark. Usually with a side of some kind of studying. It still feels like my head is barely above water with these rotations and I can never study enough.  I need more sleep. Also I love it. 

It's been a week and not too much has happened - I was on call Sunday, so Saturday was my only day off and I drove to Santa Barbara and back for a baby shower.

In other news, Fiance John bought an ipad this weekend. He's calling it Girlfriend Number 2. As long as I'm Girlfriend Number 1 I guess.

Food's been basic. A new Amy's Bowl, a new Trader Joe's soup (LOVED), fruits, veggies, Katie made some vegan strawberry cupcakes for the Bachelor Pad finale. 

Also piles of unpictured nut butters and various chocolate. I also made cookies for call and ate too many again. The goal this week is to clean up my diet a bit - I'm not really feeling very well and I think it might help. Mostly I blame the piles of kids with infections that we see every day, but all the sugar intake probably isn't great either. 

Wedding planning is progressing...I'll keep you posted on that. 

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