Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIAW: Meals at Home

Happy What I Ate Wednesday Foodie Friends!

My current rotation is outpatient pediatrics, which is a big reduction in time commitment from inpatient and surgery (at least actively working - studying never changes). I usually have about an hour and a half for lunch, I get to eat breakfast while it's light outside and get home before six pretty much always.

Long story short: This WIAW all meals were actually consumed at home. For the next month this will be my schedule. Yes I am counting my blessings. 

Breakfast: Yogurt Bowl - vanilla soy yogurt, golden flax cereal, strawbs (frozen), 1/2 banana, goji berries. And coffee.

Lunch: Warm (Vegan) Chicken Sandwich, Apple. 

Dinner: Roast Sweet Potato Rounds - olive oil, rosemary, salt, roasted for 20 mins at 400 degrees, Tall Glass of Soymilk (unpictured). Nectarine. 

This is a recycled picture...I didn't actually eat salad today. Just potato. 

and nectarine. 

I do not pretend this is really a balanced meal, but it's what I wanted. Sometimes I just don't question.

Dessert: Numi Decaf Black Vanilla Tea, with soymilk. This might be my favorite tea. 

Workout: 3 mile run. Slow, but felt good. 

Do you pack meals, buy meals, or are you able to eat them all at home if you want?

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