Friday, September 30, 2011

Goodbye September! and Vegan MoFo Topics.

It's already the final day of September. It feels like this month got sucked into a black hole. I have no idea how it went by so fast. I never got around to setting goals for this past month, so I'm doing a preemptive goal strike on October so it won't pass me by. 

I don't want to be overwhelmed with all the things I'd theoretically like to try to improve my life (studying, sleep habits, hours spent watching TV, fitness goals etc.), so I'll just set one: Vegan Month of Food! 

Check it out here.

In keeping with the guidlines of Vegan MoFo, starting tomorrow I'll be trying to get up vegan-food focused post an average of every weekday - goal of 21 posts this month. 

Topics to Include:
Restaurant reviews - "This all-vegan One was so great" and "What's Safe and Delicious at this Non-vegan One" and "The waiter here did not understand my words when I said 'no dairy, no eggs' so proceed with caution."

Product reviews - "This new soup was totally delicious" vs. "Probably wouldn't buy this again as I can still feel the salt coming out my pores"

A Day in My Food - "This is what I ate today. It's pretty typical." Or "It's pretty weird." I'll likely keep participating in What I Ate Wednesdays for this purpose. 

Wedding - As I continue making plans for my wedding next summer, I'll keep you posted on things like "This caterer was great to meet with and really understood our goals" vs. "I had to tell this guy 'Fish is not vegan!' No go."

Fitness - Technically this is month of food, but I'll likely tack in my workouts to some posts, if for no other reason than to clarify that I'm not actually trying to gain 20 pounds with the awesome food I will be eating. 

Cooking Time Audit - I'd like to see how my prep/cook skills stack up against the cookbook estimated times, so I may do a little Iron Chef-style speedwork and see if I can't get a recipe actually done in the estimated time frame. 

Finally, in keeping with Vegan MoFo guidelines, all food pictures I post in the next month will be vegan. That means if I go out with Fiance John and he gets something non-vegan, you'll never see it. 

Now I'm opening the floor: Any Vegan MoFo topic requests? 
Also, Are you participating? Let me know so I can be sure you're in my reader. 

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