Friday, September 2, 2011

Santa Barbara Vegan: Adama

This is a review I was planning to make a few days ago, but pediatric inpatient is actually pretty busy - also awesome - and I'm just now sitting down with a little time.

I was in Santa Barbara visiting last weekend and my dear friend Christina agreed to try out a new restaurant with me: Adama, Vegan Comfort Food.

Locals may remember Chamomile Cafe & Bakery in Carpinteria - a great vegan-friendly place close to the ocean, but it was closed a while ago.

Lucky for all of us, the genius behind Chamomile Cafe has opened a new restaurant called Adama. All-vegan and delicious, I only wish I lived there again so I could try everything.

The inside layout's a bit unexpected, like it used to be a house, and decorations are minimal, but I loved it - it kept the focus on the food.

Coffee for both of us.

I got the Protein Scramble - seitan, tofu and veggies with a side of quinoa served with liquid aminos and topped with pumpkin seeds. Christina was even brave enough to try the seitan: I give her honorary vegan status.

Christina picked the Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes, served with Earth Balance, maple syrup and fresh banana.

They were very different flavors, and it was great to be able to have some bites of both.

There's lots more on the menu I want to try. Road trip anyone?

 It's Labor Day weekend - what are your plans?

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