Saturday, March 1, 2014

Let's Talk About Mountains

Moving to New Mexico wasn't easy. Although I finally got to start my dream job, there's a lot that's been hard about the past 8 or so months, both professionally and because we left pretty much everyone we knew to come here. 

Knowing the year starts to feel rough, our program does an intern retreat in February. The seniors graciously cover for us and we get to go to Taos, stay in a Bed & Breakfast, do a little admin stuff but mostly ski and spend some time relaxing. 

There was some enthusiastic karaoke.

Plenty of hangout time.

Mabel Dodge Luhan, the B&B

We went skiing. The sun was really bright.

At the top. 

I totally neglected to take pictures of the meals, but there were vegan muffins every morning and bunches of great food supplied by the B&B. 

Although at times this year feels never ending, we're actually well over half done and I'm going to be a senior resident before I know it. 

And when we get to see sights like those mountains, I really appreciate living here.

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