Friday, March 14, 2014


The illness is worsening. I can't begin to quantify how much phlegm has come out of my face today. I am dang cute right now.

Kleenex and cold med haul yeah!

That's not the point of this post though. 

Two of my sisters visited this week! They were on Spring Break and drove all the way from Ohio (where they stopped off the see our other sister) - there's 4 of us. It was much too short a visit, but it was so good to see them. 

The first day we went out to lunch (in the WIAW post):

That afternoon took us thrift shopping. 

I found 3 work skirts for a total of $6.39! what? I still need to wash them, but they're really cute.

There was a lot of selfie failure, these are the best of them:
Emma, Me

Me, Luna, Nicola

And lots of couch time with Luna.

On the day they came in, I had to go to evening clinic, so John took out the sisters for some live music. We watched some TV and eventually passed out.

Lots of coffee.

On Wednesday we went out to breakfast at Flying Star after sleeping in a bit.

This is the breakfast hash with tofu instead of egg

Look how cute they are!

I had to go to clinic in the afternoon, so the girls went to a salon for a bit until I finished. That night we cooked, bonded, watched The Voice on hulu, pretty much were lame but it felt exactly right.

And just like that the visit was over. They left the next morning in order to have plenty of time to drive back to Chicago. 

So I made some Trader Joe's cinnamon rolls.

And said goodbye to my pretty girls.

Miss you already!

The good news is that I get to go visit Shannon in Ohio in about a week, so it's a full month of sisters. 

Today I've been a shut-in, coughing all over the place and drinking piles of tea, but I have a couple fun posts in the works so stay tuned. 

And Happy Weekend!

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