Saturday, March 15, 2014

What's in My Grocery Cart: Trader Joe's

Hi friends!

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

Today we're taking a look into my cart at Trader Joe's!

Part of what I like about healthy living blogs is the window into the over the top details of other people's lives, whether food, exercise schedule, work life, family life, whatever it may be. So I have a few details of my own.

I forgot my reusable bags, so don't follow my example.

This particular combination of food contains a little more prepared food and treats than a normal grocery trip, and it's certainly not everything I would buy for a week, but includes lots of the staples. I also picked up everything I would need for Veganomicon Linguine with Basil-Cilantro Pesto, which is what I made for dinner for my sisters when they visited.

All these products are vegan except the greek yogurt, which I got for John.

Oranges (for snacks and sides)

Basil (for the linguine)

Apples (every day keeps the doctor ... wait)

Lemons (for hot honey lemon water)

Cinnamon Rolls (breakfast of long lost sisters)

Water-packed Artichoke hearts (for the linguine)

Unsweetened non-dairy milk. I really like this one, the coconut flavor isn't too strong and it's bright white in color. Sometimes I think people who are used to dairy milk are put off by the browner color of lots of nut milks, so this one avoids that. 

Tomato (for homemade pizza)

Bananas (for breakfast. and anytime)

Chocolate chips (yes, vegan! for baking with the sisters)

Almonds (for the linguine pesto)

Linguine. For the linguine.

New-to-me Thai-esque prepared meal. Haven't tried it yet. 

Vegan yogurt. Also tastes great frozen.

English muffins. Lots of breakfasts with these.

Greek yogurt, honey and vanilla. As noted above, the one non-vegan product in this trip for John.

Frozen berries. For smoothies and mixing into oatmeal.

Ice Cream Sandwiches. For obvious reasons.

Vegan orange chicken. This is awesome with rice or quinoa and some veggies.

Vegan chicken tenders. These are fairly reminiscent of the Gardein ones and a little less expensive, at least here. We usually make a meal out of these with some mashed potato/cauliflower and lemon asparagus or green beans. 

Almond milk. For cereal, splash into coffee, oatmeal etc.

Cereal. One of many at TJ's that I like. I don't eat cereal for my breakfasts that often, more frequently as a snack.

And there we are. The cost was approx $50, and everything so far has been as good as I hoped. 

If you don't have a Trader Joe's near you, it is awesome, and they have been expanding a lot so maybe there's one on it's way. I don't think it's gone international, so those of you outside the states will just have to respond with posts from your favorite stores that we don't have here. 

I'm in clinic today, with quite the laryngitic voice still (since Tuesday!) so wish me luck and talk to you soon.

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