Friday, May 13, 2011

Thorough Thursday and Med Students by the Years

Two notes:

1. Did that really happen? I passed second year! There will be celebratory baking, look out for a recipe in the next couple days. 

Now I'm not a second year, but I haven't taken/passed boards yet, so I'm calling myself an MS2.5 (I like order, and medical students tend to identify themselves with numbers...MSI, MSII, MSIII etc...)

The scale kind of goes like this - in my opinion. 

MSI: Baby med student. Not really expected to know anything. Still has a small spring in her walk. Attendings may occasionally acknowledge you, but mostly you're invisible. 

MSII: Frazzled. Clinically rather incompetent, but knows a lot about useless enzymes and gene translocations. 

MS2.5: That panicked time between passing second year and finishing boards. May experience wild mood swings, periods of spontaneous crying, a sudden strong desire to never look at anything medical again, insomnia, tachycardia and sudden strong desires to buy things on-line while pretending to listen to recorded audio lectures. 

MSIII and IV: (I present this as a prediction...) A gradual upswing in knowledge and competence, with a steep learning curve and frequent feelings of complete inadequacy. (Though apparently IV is much better than III). 25% will become clinically depressed. Look what I have to look forward to. 

Okay, Note #2: This

A couple of you were wondering about that last picture in my Wordless Wednesday post (which has disappeared...lame Blogger, very lame. Edit: It's back!) Anyway, this is Katie's (not roomie Katie, Chocolate-Covered Katie) Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake, the original version with banana. I'm sure my healthy side would have loved if I just ate this slice...but I may have gone back for the rest of the batch. It's pretty ridiculously delicious.


It's been a while since my last Thorough Thursday post, and I was all set to put this up last night when Blogger went down, so without further verbiage, a full day of yesterdays eats:

Breakfast: Muesli, Yogurt and Banana

Lunch: Vegan Griller, Salad, Homemade Oatmeal Bread with Almond Butter

Snacks: Baby apples (x2), Carrots, Snickerdoodle Animal Crackers (apparently I'm 5 years old.)

Dinner: Roasted Root Veggie Chili Mac (I put this over noodles because I accidentally made it too spicy. It's been in the freezer since mid-March, see this post.)

Dessert: Praline Crunch Almond Dream Ice Cream - possibly a new favorite. 

Enjoyed while learning about syphilis. yay. 

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