Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Faves 3/11/16

Happy Friday! Time for some favorites.

1. Things My Sisters Say:

Sorry Mom in case you didn't know they stole your sweater. This was accompanied by a picture of Nicola in which she does look exactly like our mother.

2. Music: Troye Sivan, Youth. You've probably heard this song on the radio by now, but here's an acoustic version I love and the whole album is great so check it out if you haven't.

3. Snack or Meal: I've been starting every day with a smoothie, but the past couple days I worked late clinic and didn't have to go in until later so I had a second breakfast of tofu scramble with spinach and tomato. My cravings really change rapidly but this has been perfect lately.

4. Lifestyle and Beauty: Body Boost Stretch Mark Butter in Lavender Vanilla. Although I don't believe there's any product that will actually prevent me getting stretch marks and I'm not remotely worried about them, a rich moisturizer feels awesome on all the parts of my skin that are rapidly growing. This one my Mom bought me at about 12 weeks when I was home for Christmas and I've been using it ever since I started to feel like I was growing. It's from Motherhood Maternity although I think you can buy it online from a couple other places. I love the smell but I think I'll get the honey vanilla when I use this one up just for something different.

5. Recipe: I don't know what it is about tofu lately but it just sounds great. I've bookmarked this Tofu Veggie Korma recipe from Vegan Crunk for next week.

Happy weekend!

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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