Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks

This is going by really fast! There's still 16 weeks until my due date (and I really feel like I'm going to go past it) but that means I'm still well over halfway.

1. How far along?

24 weeks!

2. How big is baby?

My Bump app says a cantaloupe, which seems huge. My Ovia app says an eggplant, a demi-baguette or an atlantic puffin. And as usual the fruit of the week sounds delicious. It's not really cantaloupe season though.

3. Total weight gain/loss

I gained 6 pounds in the past 4 weeks! I suspected that would happen since I had been the same weight from 16 to 20 weeks. Prior to that I had gained 3 pounds total, so I'm now up 9 pounds overall. I'm trying to just eat healthy and be active and I think I'm on track for a healthy total gain.

4. Purchases

I went to a yoga class last week and as I was getting ready I tried to put on a couple of my pre-pregnancy workout shirts and the result was hilarious. I wore one of my Lululemon shirts (this one) just a couple weeks ago and it was fine but my belly is just too big now - it doesn't look or feel good but I also don't want to stretch it out. I thought maybe my No Limits tank (an older version of this one) would be ok because the belly portion is so nice and loose, but my chest didn't fit in it at all. I ended up wearing just a plain cotton black maternity tank that was perfect for the class, but I really wanted a couple of athletic items for hikes, classes and going to the gym in the next few months (and for a little while afterward while I still can't wear my old clothes). 

Old Navy has some maternity activewear. They don't have those items in my local store, so I made an online order and I'm hoping it will be here soon. I bought mostly sale items and found a coupon online that applied 30% off to almost all of them, so it ended up being pretty affordable and I did hit the $50 mark, so I didn't pay for shipping. There are free returns if they don't fit, so here are the items I'm trying. I tried to pick a couple I could also wear in the summer even if I weren't working out since my summer maternity wardrobe is pretty non-existent right now and I'm due in June. 

I'll update you once they're here about how they work for me. 

5. Sleep

I talked to my doctor about the terrible seasonal allergies I was having and she did remind me that using a humidifier might help. I haven't gotten up for more than an hour this week in the middle of the night - even though I might have to blow my nose it's not the same terrible nasal congestion. 

6. Symptoms

I also talked to my doctor about not tolerating my iron-containing vitamin very well, since I was often throwing up after taking it. She said we'll check my hemoglobin at the next lab draw (when I do my gestational diabetes test) and in the meantime to not worry about it and just take a non-iron one instead. We'll add in iron supplementation later if I need it. I have a gummy vitamin I like, so I'm really relieved because I was honestly kind of stressed trying to figure out how to keep down the other one. 

Besides that I'm doing great.

7. Food cravings/aversions

I had one more can of Linketts from the stash I brought back when I was last home and even though there's no question these are a little more processed than what I mostly like to eat, I find myself just reaching for them for a snack. I cook them in a little bit of Earth Balance and dip them in ketchup. They're also really good sliced up on homemade pizza.

I don't really have any aversions.

8. Fitness

I didn't write about this in previous updates, but I am trying to get regular exercise. 

I've been able to do something most days since about 20 weeks. Before that I was still definitely fitting in something, but a little more sporadically because of inpatient rotations and all my interview travel. 

I've started going to a prenatal yoga class at 3B Yoga that I really like, doing a lot of yoga with online videos at home as well, and still going to the gym and doing low impact cardio. I wouldn't say I have a routine down, I'm just trying to be active most days. I'm still working constantly, so that also keeps me moving.

9. Feelings

Last week I wrote about feeling kind of overwhelmed with all of the little logistical tasks ahead of me. I started a week of vacation this week, so I'll have an opportunity to really tackle all of those things and it's making me feel better.

We're not traveling anywhere because John's saving his time off for summer and the arrival of our baby, so I'm having a staycation and I'm feeling pretty happy.

10. Best moment this week

This week John felt our baby moving and kicking for the first time! I've been feeling him since week 18 but John's had a hard time catching him, and early on the movements weren't strong or large enough to feel from the outside. I'm looking forward to him being more active as he keeps getting bigger.

11. Rings on or off? Still on.

12. Belly button in or out? Still in.

13. Bump
This shirt is the H&M one I mentioned in last week's update. I wore it hiking today and it was really comfortable, but I'm still looking forward to my athletic wear.

Hike today at Bandelier National Monument

Is there anything you're wondering about that I haven't included in these updates? Let me know.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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