Monday, January 16, 2012

After the Half Marathon Refuel

Figuring out how to eat enough/hydrate/not feel sick/not go overboard can be kind of tough for me after a really long run, or in this case a race. I think I did pretty all right and felt pretty good. I had some post-race nausea that I was trying to work around and looking back at the day I didn't start rehydrating aggressively enough, but otherwise, I present:

A Day of Vegan Refueling

It helps me to count calories for days like this because my hunger signals aren't always trustworthy. I was a little nauseous until about 3 pm, but I know from experience it's a bad idea to put off the refueling. The body just breaks down.

Immediately after finishing the race. 60 calories in this bottle, and piles of potassium.

Some of my Mom's Chocolate Hazelnut Tea on the drive home. 15 calories. 

Then we made some pancakes.

And Little Links - 8 g protein and just 90 calories in 2.

Chocolate chip pancakes x3 + 3 Little Links with 1.5 tbsp peanut butter and 2/3 tbsp maple syrup, I don't really like my pancakes drowned = 585 calories. Pancakes were 90 each.
This is the Peas and Thank You Apple Cinnamon recipe with white flour and replacing the apple with about 4 tbsp chocolate chips for the batch. Mom had to thin the batter a little, and it made 14 pancakes.

This is a Trader Joe's stew. It's good but as my Mom pointed out, needed piles of veggies for the amount of sauce. I ate half a package with 1/2 a banana. 215 calories + 50 for the banana = 265.

Vita Cafe Vegan Basic Burger with Tempeh Bacon and Daiya Mozzerella. Around 500 calories.

Irish Oatmeal Cake with Coconut and icing. Around 350.

And how many calories do I burn running a half-marathon? Well my Garmin said 1266, and I'd say it feels like that.

So that's 1750ish calories of refueling goodness. I think I did a pretty good job. It's tough you know. Sometimes you have to eat cake. 

And the pancakes were SO good. I may have a new post-race tradition.

Refueling advice? I'd love to hear your wisdom. 

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