Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Portland Vegan: Living Well Bistro

So I'm rotating through Portland Adventist Medical Center-affiliated clinics for my family rotation. Besides the kind doctors who are willing to teach and the obvious love I have for living in Portland, this is great because they feed me fancy vegan food for free. I have a long list of places I'm wanting to try around town, so I'm still paying for food some, but anytime I don't have the get-up-and-go to go out for food, my badge gets me a free meal at either of the cafeterias on campus - one of which is the Living Well Bistro - an all-vegan cafe open to the public as well.

So far I've just had the Tofu BBQ Wrap and the Yogurt Parfait. 

The BBQ Wrap came with a quinoa salad. The BBQ sauce was perfect. The only change I might make to it is to cook the tofu a little more to make it more firm or crispy, but I'm one of those rare people that likes tofu no matter what, as long as it has a little flavor added. 

The Yogurt Parfait though is without a doubt the best parfait of my life. I've eaten my fair share of yogurt medleys (see my Ode to Bulk Bin Granola post) but this is way the best. It's fruit, soy vanilla yogurt, pecan cream, and granola with hemp seeds. The best part of this was definitely the pecan cream, it's like the best berries and cream you've ever eaten. But maybe better.

The layers of yogurt look kind of thick, but actually there's apples taking up most of that volume that you can't see from here.

The hemp seeds were an unexpected addition to the granola but I thought they really added something to the flavor. I wonder if they sell their granola by the bag.  

I'm really blessed to be taken care of the way I am while on this rotation, and you know you'll hear about other dishes as I try them out. 

Best free food you've ever had?

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