Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday: In Portland

As always a big thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons!

Living here in Portland for my Family Medicine rotation has me pretty much continually blown away by all the food options I have. I can't even believe how easy it is to find a vegan place here. 

So...What I Ate Wednesday, In Portland.

Breakfast: Living Well Bistro Oatmeal. This was all right, but the parfait I wrote about recently is way better. I think for oatmeal I'll stick to what I've perfected on my own. 

And I'm still drinking coffee out of a Christmas mug. I don't let go easily. 

Lunch: Curry Vegan Wrap. From the hospital cafeteria. This was really good, but a little too small (my fault I didn't even notice) - I should've brought a side or something. Lunch had to be portable because I took it to clinic. 

Dinner: THE BEST Veggie Burger Of. My. Life. This is the Smokey Bleu from Off the Griddle. It's a food truck, but fortunately for me there's a heated seating area where I could wait for it to be made, because Portland's a lot colder than Southern California. 

Dave's Killer Hamburger Bun, Spinach, House Veggie Burger, Bleu Cheese (Tofu I think, but you could tell me it was real cheese, and I'd believe you), Tempeh, Housemade Pickles, and Onion.

The other side.

You can't escape little buddy. 

Dessert: 1/2 Banana. Okay that's a fake dessert. It's the new year, I'm getting my healthy on. 

Best burger of your life?

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