Sunday, January 1, 2012

Things I'll Look Forward to in 2012

Happy New Year!

Did you have a good celebration? I caught up with some friends over a late dinner and then John and I made it home just in time to toast with my family and watch the ball drop in NYC. 

The original intention today was to write resolutions. Then I realized I dislike resolutions. They have a lot of potential, I love the feeling of a fresh start, but never in my life have I successfully changed my life with a resolution. Too often they've made me discount my successes and blessings because I didn't succeed in some arbitrary guideline I thought I wanted from my year. 

So instead of "resolving" things this year, I have a list of things I will look forward to. I think I saw this in a magazine last year, and it's much more the outlook I want. 

2012 Things to Look Forward To

1. Getting married.

2. Seeing my sister graduate from the Air Force Academy.

3. Cooking/baking new things.

4. Writing.

5. Running more races.

6. Finishing my third year of medical school.

7. Going to a concert with my Fiance/Husband. This was something from last year, but we never got to do it. 

8. The world ending? I mean who knows. 

9. More breakfasts like this:

Mom's homemade apple crisp with vegan vanilla ice cream. It was 11 am, so that makes ice cream okay yes?
Yes, I've set the tone for an excellent year.  

It's been a great week of break here at my home in Oregon, and now we're headed up to Portland where we'll catch up with friends and I'll move into my housing for my January Family rotation. 

How did you celebrate New Year's?

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