Saturday, January 14, 2012

Papa G's, The Sweet Hereafter

This were restaurant visits that didn't make it into another post, but both deserve mentioning.

The Sweet Hereafter and it's Mama establishment The Bye and Bye are actually vegan bars, open until 2:30 am. Where else can you get vegan food in the middle of the night? Besides my kitchen. You're always welcome.

I went out with my classmates who are also rotating up here. I got the Jamaican Bowl, which has rice, beans kale (the best part!), and jerk tofu with avocado. I thought it was very good, and unfortunately you can't see it very well because it's a dark atmospheric kind of place.

Many thanks to James for holding the candles.

Papa G's was one I stumbled on when I was intending to go to a place that turned out to be closed. It's a vegan organic deli. It has a very small community kind of feel. It was about 2 in the afternoon and I was the only one there. I picked the Southern Sampler - Mac and Cheeze, BBQ Tofu, Seasonal Veggies (Spaghetti Squash). The Mac and Cheeze was all right - not really very much like cheese, it was more like a vegan alfredo. The best part was definitely the tofu. The sauce was perfect and the texture was very nice and firm. I was very happy to see they package it and sell it in grocery stores as well.

And now I'm headed home to run a half marathon tomorrow...hoping to get another pre-race post up later today. 

How do you feel about non-cheese Mac & Cheese?

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