Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Northwest Running

As I'm living in Portland for this rotation, I'm also trying to be ready for a half-marathon coming up this Sunday, which has led me to run here at least a little bit.

Portland Reservoir #1

Every time I go to a new place it's a different adventure figuring out where might make a good run. 

Factors to consider:
1. What to wear?
2. Is it a safe area?
3. Are there sidewalks?
4. Are there vicious potholes, landmines or sewer creatures? What about large dogs?
5. Do I have to drive to get to my preferred starting point? (I much prefer to just run out my front door.)
6. Is it pretty?

Let's take it by numbers:
1. What to wear: Northwest running is different from Southern California running, most notably in the icy feeling in my hands and the requirement to wear long sleeves even sometimes when it's light outside. However, I got a great running wardrobe for Christmas and have plenty to choose from. Thanks to Shannon for the Air Force jacket in the picture at the top. 

2-5. Safety/Specs/Location: With so many clouds, it's much darker here even at night-time, so I've just done daylight runs so far. If I stick close to the campus streetlights I could probably run before it's light, but I just want to be as safe as possible. The loop I've been doing is a perfect ~5 mile out and back to a nearby reservoir, with nice hills. Though I do cross a freeway. Don't worry - there's a bridge.

6. Is it pretty? Yes.

There are so many reasons I want to move back here, but even if I hated everything else, this might be reason enough. 

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