Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cascade Half Marathon Recap - Snow Race!

As I mentioned earlier, this is Oregon's only January Half Marathon.

I'm so so glad they have it though, because I've never had such a gorgeous run. The snow started coming down around Mile 2 and lasted through Mile 8, and then the sun came out and followed me back. It was a crazy range of conditions, but I loved it. 

It's in its 13th year, so it was well-organized and delightfully small. They can only keep people on the roads directing traffic until 11:30 am, so the half-marathon has more than one start time, just in case you'll take longer than 2.5 hours you can start at 8 am. I chose the early start because I didn't know if I might have to walk some of it. It turned out I didn't need to be in that group, but I'm so glad I was because we were the ones that got the good snow at the beginning of the run. 

But for the early start, Mom and I got up pretty early to drive across town and make sure I had time to pick up my packet and get everything pinned on and ready to go. 

Morning face.

And at 8 I was ready to go!

I'm the one jumping between the white Tshirt and gray coat. In black.

It's all flat and road running, and everyone seemed to really have a good time. It was a little strange when it started snowing - I felt like I had to adjust my gait to keep from falling. At first I tried to run in other footprints, but then I realized it was safer to use the fresh snow for traction. It was all right, I didn't see anyone fall.

I definitely caught a few snowflakes on my tongue.

I was really struggling with my pace in the final miles. I knew I was going slower than I mentally wanted to, but I couldn't make my body move any faster for more than a few seconds. Still, less pain than my last one. 

But I was really glad to be done.

At the end there's soup, hot drinks and cookies in the high school cafeteria. Most of it's not vegan-friendly of course, but it was nice to have a warm friendly gathering place like that. 

The course was 13.26 miles by my Garmin, and I had a time of 2:14:05, which I'm totally happy with considering I averaged two to occasionally three runs per week for the past 6 weeks. Three weeks ago I ran 10 miles to make sure I wouldn't die, and then the rest of them never got above 5 miles, so I'm actually feeling pretty all right about that time. 

At 13.1 (by the Garmin) I was 2:12:21. Is that exactly the same as my April race? Yes. Yes it is. Great coincidences.

I placed 269/396 overall and 9/14 in my age group. No delusions here of being a champion, just fun. 

However, I was the ONLY half-marathon participant claiming California as a home base. John pointed out that makes me the Californian CHAMPION. Yes. 

And the best part was having my Mom out supporting me. 

Stay tuned for the refueling post!

Do you like rainy/snowy running or do you stick to sun? 
Personally I much prefer these conditions. I can't stand to be hot.

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