Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Vegan Christmas Gift

Thanks so much for all your great recommendations on Portland eating everyone. I'm trying to sort out when I'll fit it all in, but it's great to know how many places there are to try. 

My days have been a little long - lots of patients. But interesting too. Yesterday I got to do an excisional biopsy - essentially cut off a mole to be sent for analysis. We also made a house call to someone on hospice. I'd never seen that side of things before and that was interesting.

Last night, instead of venturing out at 8 pm for dinner, I decided to eat in my room over my textbook. I'm taking full advantage of this:

Best vegan Christmas present ever? This is from my Mom; it's the Tasty Bite Vegan Sampler - 1 of every single vegan product they make. There are 21 items in here. Some are sauces or "inspirations" that need some cooking to come to full potential, but some are ready to eat as is. The kitchen here is all right, but not like home, and I don't see myself using it beyond the microwave. 

Last night I put together some rice with the Bangkok Beans. I split it in half and made it two portions, so I have leftovers ready when I need them. 

Today there's another wide variety of things on the schedule, and tonight I'm hoping to try one of the many restaurants or food trucks for dinner. 

Happy Thursday, have good days.

What's the best food-related present you ever received?

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