Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sabbath Lunch: Venti's

Having a good weekend? I made the drive back to my hometown to spend it with my family and it's been great. 

After Church every week when I'm home with my family, we go out to lunch. There are two branches of Ventis here in town. It's a very vegan-friendly place but also has normal omnivore dishes as well. The downtown one is great, but the more recently opened one was kind of sketch - bland food, orders always wrong - at first. However, with my sister Emma's recommendation that it had improved, we decided to try it yesterday. 

I got the Garlic-Sesame Tofu with Brown Rice made into a Wrap. It also came with salad. I could only eat half, but it was pretty good. 

Today Emma left to go back to college in Chicago so I brought her to the airport, which is conveniently right near my Portland housing. 

I'm hoping today will bring me a good run (1 week until half-marathon!) and I'm hoping to see some friends. Also study. Right. Don't forget that. 

How many chances will you give a restaurant before you decide not to go again? 

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