Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vegan Pre-Race Fuel Trial and Error

Let's talk fuel. I came home this morning to run a half-marathon tomorrow, so I'm gearing up. 

Part I: Night-before Dinner

I don't think I'm yet a sufficiently experienced racer to have a favorite pre-race dinner. I have some NOT favorites. 

The first race I don't even remember what I ate. Cookies I think. For real. I'm pretty sure I was full up on like 5 macaroons. 

Get this recipe here.

And for the last one I had homemade pizza and pita chips. I ate way too many pita chips and was retaining water like no other in the morning. Terrible feeling. 

But I was happy with my pizza.

So all I've done so far is some experiments in what does not work. 

So what to do?

I tried a new one tonight - Mom's cooking. Obviously it's better than anything else because Moms put magic in the food they make. It's a variation on my Cheezy Veggie Potato Mash, but we did veggies on the side and put some corn in there at my sister Nicola's request. Great idea. Also I skipped the full cheese sauce and just scooped some nooch on. And I'm going easy on the salt. 

And apple for dessert.

It tasted perfect. Plenty of carbohydrates with good-for-me fiber and nutrients. Here's hoping it fuels me well so I won't have to keep trying different race dinners.

Part II: Breakfast. 

For this one I do have a favorite. Which doesn't make any sense. I haven't eaten more race breakfasts than I have dinners, but I just think this one works well for me and therefore do not mess with it. 

Nut Butter Toast with Banana. This picture is of peanut butter, but almond butter or cashew butter does me great as well. Coffee.

I'll let you know tomorrow how it works for me this time. Wish me luck!

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