Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lan Su Chinese Garden

I'm back in Portland for my second week of my family rotation and this Sunday I took the expert guidance of my  Portlander friend Rachael for some food and afternoon activity. We went to high school together and it's been great seeing her more regularly this month. 

We went to Porque No for lunch, where the guacamole was fresh and the beans and rice bowl was everything I could want. My favorite part was the variety of fresh salsas. It's not a vegan mexican place, but they know exactly what you mean if you say "no dairy." 

Rachael pointed us in the direction of the Lan Su Chinese Garden. It was having a free day, and since adult admission is regularly $9.50, that's quite a deal. The lines were long, but moved quickly enough. 

The brochure claims this garden is considered the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China. I have no idea who the Chinese garden authenticators are, but it's pretty cool I guess. Much of the materials were imported from China as well.

It's supposed to be a nature-focused respite from the city, but on a free day I think that was a little lost, it was a little too crowded to be restful. Very beautiful though. You can feel these rock mosaics under your feet - it's supposed to help you engage all your senses. 

There's also a tea house. You can order it tea-ceremony style, or just an individual pot. I got the Wild Black, and it was a very smooth classic black tea. 

I had a great day, and then sat down and learned some things as well.
Yesterday was the first day in a new clinic, and it was interesting, but today's my day off. I'm about to go run, and then food truck for lunch?

Have you ever been to a Chinese Garden?

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