Friday, April 8, 2011

April Goals: Week 1

We're 1 week into April, safely past April Fool's Day, and just 2 and a bit weeks from Easter!

So how are those goals going? Original April Goals.

1. Family: Talk to them every week. 
  I believe this week I talked to: 
Emma (2nd sister, 18-on-Monday!, high school senior)
Shannon (1st sister, 21, Air Force Academy) 
and Mom. 

We're missing Dad and baby sister - well, she's 15, very grown-up, but baby of the family. 

I hope to catch up with everyone this next week.

2. Fitness
  a. Enjoy half-marathon. It's in 2 days!! This isn't so much a goal, as one of those things I put on the list so I can check it off, because obviously I'm going to enjoy it. I hope - provided nothing goes awry. Weather says sunny and 69 degrees. A little warmer than I prefer for 13 miles, but better than rain I suppose. 
  b. Strength train 3x a week. I set this with the intention of starting next week, because I don't want to be sore for the race, so we'll have to see how this goes. Even after the race, I could probably do arms and core early next week and give my legs a break. 

3. Boards
  a. Doctors in Training Review Questions 5/day: On track.
  b. Qbank questions 150/wk: I'm not sure the exact number I did this week, but it was at least 150. 
  c. First Aid Review 90 pg/wk: Not so much. I've actually done 75, but it's hard to say what counts. I mean, if I read it, does that count? Or only if I have it all memorized? I guess the point is spending some time on it, retaining as much as possible. 
  d. Pathology or Physiology Review 30 pg/wk: I didn't actually sit down to this one until last night. I got out my enormous pathology textbook and had some lovely bedtime reading. The first 7 chapters in Robbins are supposed to be particularly high yield, so I'm trying to get through them, at least with a good understanding of the images and diagrams. My current goal of 30 pg/wk won't make that happen in time for the test though, so I may up it to 60/wk, or 10 a night. This past week I did...6 pages. Oh dear. 
  e. 1 USMLE Practice Test - 200 questions. This is in my study plan for the afternoon, so it WILL get done. And likely the result will be more than a little depressing, but it'll help me focus the areas that need work a little bit better. 

4. Food Expense Tracking. 
  a. Groceries: $30.55 this week. 
I haven't yet tabulated coffee shops and restaurants...but it was a lot. All well-enjoyed and worth it, but I had an indulgent weekend. I'll update that next week. 

Do you have goals this month? How are they going?


unbeautiful said...

I do indeed have goals for this month, both weekly and monthly. Care to check it out?

In case I don't comment on a future post before your marathon, I hope you have a great time! I'm going to be running at 5k at the end of May so I'm excited for that. Hopefully I'll be more in shape by then. haha. ;) Anyways, I hope it's a good one.

Maria W. said...

Hi again! Yeah...I was writing about my students (I teach German at the UofO in Eugene) who just had the first quiz of the term - and the maths- and music-students had the best results. Thanks for your interest, for writing this awesome blog - and good luck for your race!!

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