Friday, April 22, 2011

April Goals: Week 3

But first, I just want to share something cool. When my classmates and I came to school on Thursday, this greeted us outside the lecture hall: 

This is one of our favorite professors, Dr. Cao. He teaches pathology, and he's very good at it. 

This rendering is done completely with post-its. Yes. It's good to know I'm not the only one taking the occasional study break. 

Don't believe it's awesome? Compare: 

So now we've appreciated some art. Let's move on to the art of productive goal setting. I must work on my segues. 


April Goals

1. Family: Talk to them every week.
   I called home on Wednesday and got Mom. Sometime last week I talked to Nicola, then I called Shannon so I got to talk to her too. She's crazy busy right now, you can do it Shannon!  

  I missed Dad and Emma. I'm not very good at this am I? Still, the conscious effort means I'm talking to everyone more often than before, and that's the goal. 

2. Fitness
    a. Enjoy half marathon. It really was lots of fun. Recap here.
    b. Strength training 3x/wk. 

       Saturday: Yoga sculpt
       Sunday: Calisthenics and an easy yoga workout
       Wednesday: Those two power yoga flows (still feeling them).
       Friday: "Becki's Combo" from this free iphone app: Workout Trainer by Skimble.        That's 4! I actually didn't realize that until right now. 

3. Boards

  a. Doctors in Training Review Questions 5/day: Totally caught up. 
  b. Qbank questions 150/wk: Actually it was closer to 300. Ya. hoo. 
  c. First Aid Review 90 pg/wk: Not so much. Really still must work on this. I think I did 30?
  d. Pathology or Physiology Review 60 pg/wk: Not even a little bit. I'm actually removing this one and switching to reviewing pathology differently.
  e. 1 USMLE Practice Test - 200 questions. I did my second one today. 
      Bad news: still pretty much wouldn't even pass. 
      Good news: good improvement from 10 days ago. 

4. Food Expense Tracking. 
    I think I did a reasonable amount of grocery shopping this week, but the truth is I just haven't added it up yet. I'll do a total for the month next week. 

So there we go. 

It's Earth Day! How are you celebrating?