Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eureka! A New Burger to Love.

Unless you've been to Redlands or Fresno, California, you may not yet have a had a chance to experience Eureka! Burger. (Apparently there's also one coming soon to Claremont).

In fact, though I've lived here two years, today's lunch was also my first trip to Eureka Burger, but I'm glad we went. The atmosphere is popping, there's a ton of unique beer, and some of the gourmet burger combinations sound so good.

The veggie burger is really different, in a great way: beets and kidney beans give it an awesome pink color. It's 100% vegan, as is the lemon vinaigrette that comes with it (even though it looks creamy - I asked).

The fries don't specifically contain any animal products, but they're cooked in the same oil as some of the meat. Personally, this doesn't bother me, but I know it would some.

They source locally and their burger buns (here in Redlands) come from Old Town Baking Co. in Rancho Cucamonga. When I called Eureka! they weren't sure if the buns were vegan, so I went ahead and called the bakery. Result: they're not vegan - they contain butter. BUT don't let that discourage you, because you can get this lettuce-wrap style with no extra hassle, it's even on the menu.

So, lunch:
For Me: Loma Linda Veggie Burger, Lettuce-Wrap Style with Sweet Potato Honey Cinnamon Fries
For Boyfriend: Eureka! Classic Burger with Side Salad

Eureka! (How many times have I said that this post?) I love veggie burgers. I had to eat it with a fork and knife though - lettuce wraps are not nearly so easy to pick up as proper burgers in buns.

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