Thursday, April 21, 2011

Have You Seen My Chopsticks?

They look like this:

When I say, 
"I really lost my chopsticks today," 
it sounds to me like something one would say when they really mean, 
"Today I got completely teetotaler whack-a-mole crazy."

But that's not what I mean. I mean I literally lost my chopsticks.

7:30 am: Leave for school. Chopsticks are in backpack.

12:00 pm: Go to eat lunch. Chopsticks are nowhere to be found. 

Somewhere in the in-between time they ran away. Let me know if you see them.  

Fortunately my roomie was willing to lend a fork, so I didn't have to starve.

So yes, no starving today.

Breakfast was rather icy.
Overnight Oats with Frozen Blueberries
Overnight mix: 
1/4 cup (56 g) plain soy yogurt
1/2 cup (4 oz.) almond milk
1/2 cup (39 g) quick oats
Morning addition: 3/4 cup frozen blueberries. 

The blueberries were so nice and cold, my breakfast actually got some ice crystals going. Usually I only like a freezy smoothie in the afternoon, or a frozen soy yogurt for a dessert, but this was a fun temperature change for my morning. 

Lunch was a Trader Joe's Noodle Box. This morning was Kung Pao, and I've also had the Pad Thai. The Peanut Satay is still in my cupboard just waiting for it's day in the sun. Of the two I tried, I prefer the Pad Thai, but they're both really good. 

These are great because they're super convenient, don't require a fridge, and keep me full for a long time. Unfortunately they're about 25% a daily allotment of sodium, but it does help to pour on only part of the sauce. If I ever ate them at home I'd cut the noodles in half (leftovers!), load it up with steamed veggies and it would be perfect, but in my mind that sort of defeats the purpose of buying packaged food. It's supposed to be easy to take with me. So not an every day food, but I'm happy with it for a quick lunch when I'm low on leftovers. 

First the Pad a time before my chopsticks made a break for it. 

And Kung Pao. With a fork. 

Forgive the cell phone pics, that's another thing about portable lunch food, it's usually eaten without my camera around. 

For snack, I'm still working on that tray of 12 apples from Costco. 

And dinner looked exactly like last night. You know me, I love my leftovers. 


In other news, yesterday for a workout I did a couple of the free 20 minute classes I had downloaded from Yoga Download. The intermediate/advanced "Power Vinsaya Flow #5" and the Dave Farmar "Baptiste Power Yoga #3."

At the time I thought it couldn't possibly be working me out very well ... I wasn't so much holding poses as constantly falling out of them. I suppose I'm a combination beginner/intermediate yoga-er, (yogini? yogress? what's the word?) so the intermediate/advanced was especially a challenge. It was nice to try something new though, and this morning, my muscles are reminding me they're around, and well-worked.

It felt great to stretch them out with 5 mile run this morning.


Guess what I saw driving around the neighborhood today? 

The ice cream truck! I'm actually reasonably certain he doesn't sell anything vegan, though I suppose I could verify that, but I just like the obnoxious sometimes unseasonably Christmas-themed music. It makes me feel like summer. 

5 weeks from now I'll be getting ready to take Boards in the morning. EEP. Back to work.

Tell me: Do you eat by temperature? Is one meal of the day usually hot vs. cold?