Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Ran-Through-Redlands! Half-Marathon Recap 1

Or: How I fueled up for this race.

I won't bury the lead on this, I had a great time racing this morning, but that'll be the next post.

In this one I'm taking us back in time to last night when we had a bunch of wonderful friends over, and I got my race fuel on.

Pre-Race Dinner: DIY Pizza Night!! 

Snacks: Pita Chips and "Margarita" Hummus. Katie made this with cilantro, lime and white beans.

For the dough: Trader Joe's Pizza Dough. So good, so easy.
For the sauce: Homemade pesto, Homemade tomato or BBQ sauce.
For the toppings: Artichokes, Cheese (Romano, Mozzerella, Goat), Onion, Bell Pepper, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken, Cilantro, Carmelized Onion.

Everyone had their own chunk of dough, so they could be super-personalized.

Natalie and Maria

Boyfriend. That one he's rolling ended up looking like a car. Or a boot. Or a hat. We couldn't decide.

Katie and Becky.

Some pizzas on their way to the oven.

I love seeing these people, especially outside of school.

Here's mine: 1/2 pesto, 1/2 marinara. Loads of veggies on both sides.



Enjoyed with a movie: Love and Other Drugs. I heard there was lots of nudity. It's true. Lots. It was also really funny and just sweet enough. 

The only thing wrong with this carbo-loaded dinner meal is that I ate way too many of those pita chips and woke up feeling far too salty this morning. You know, with an extra couple pounds of water just hanging around for the fun of it, but by race time I was feeling all right.


Pre-Race Breakfast: Wheat Toast with Almond Butter and 1/2 Banana

Pre-running breakfasts are kind of a challenge for me because I usually don't eat anything before I run. Maybe this isn't great practice, but at 5 am I just can't force it. Still, for a race I know I need some fuel, and I've found that this meal sits pretty well and doesn't cause sloshing or cramping when I run. Also it's delicious.

I also drank some water. Next up, we race!

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