Monday, April 11, 2011

What I Ate on Race Day.

And at the end: Eep. Taxes!

This post has some overlap with Half-Marathon Recap 1 and Half-Marathon Recap 2, but I realized for future reference, I'd like all my day's food in one post, so forgive a smidge of repetition.

Pre-Race Fuel
Wheat Toast, almond butter, 1/2 banana.

Post-Race Snacks
(unpictured) Orange wedge
Mini Clif Bar

Peanut Maple Protein Oats (made with peanut flour)

Mom's Asian Coleslaw Salad, double portion of tofu. 

and now some new stuff....

Afternoon Snacks

Angela-via-Megan's-reference-inspired raw sugar cookie dough balls (1/4 recipe)
   2 tbsp raw cashews + 2 tbsp oats + 1 tbsp maple syrup + shake of salt
   Blended in the magic bullet, then rolled in plastic wrap and put in the freezer. It made 3 this size, I fed one to boyfriend and ate the other two. So so delicious, and it really does taste like cookie dough. 

More Cheezy Potato Veggie Mash. I have eaten this 7 of the last 8 is finally gone. I'll be honest, it's awesome, but I was ready to finish it off. Seven servings is a lot of repetition. 

Post-Dinner Snacks
Hot Chocolate = hot almond milk + mint chocolate syrup

A frozen soy yogurt - lemon. 

A serving of new-to-me cereal: Kashi Berry Blossoms. It has nothing artificial (even that odd pink/orange color apparently comes from actual fruit) and it tastes like a berry Cap'n Crunch. Typically I go for more grown-up cereal, but this is the sweet puffy perfection that was just what I wanted. It's also been great in my morning yogurt. 

And that's what I ate on race day. Also lots of tea and water, and I felt very well re-fueled. 

Nutritionally, it was about 20% (healthy) fat, 64% carbs and 16% protein. However, since it was much MORE food than usual, that 16% protein translated into almost 70g, as opposed to my usual around 40-50g.


And today? Not as much to speak of.

There was a delicious yogurt bowl: 

There was also 6 hours of lecture followed by an on-line quiz and 5 hours of studying.

Then I came home and did my taxes. I e-filed this year using TaxSlayer...that was so much easier than my usual paper filing. I had to pay a little to file the state one through them, but my time right now has become like money, and it was only like $13. 

It's been thrilling. 

But guess how much I'm getting back?! 

730 dollars! This is great, because my 9-month clothes-shopping fast ends in just a couple weeks; I see pretty professional clothes in my future. But I don't know what else I'll end up doing with it...

Are you getting a tax refund? What would you do with $730 extra dollars?

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