Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today I Went to 3 Grocery Stores.

And yesterday I went to two, including Costco, where I bought 12 apples and a 5 lb (enormous) bag of frozen blueberries for oatmeal/overnight oats. It already feels like summer.

It's not really an unusual amount of grocery shopping for a Saturday, I just had lots of different things to buy.

Regular store: Relish, celery, parsley.
Trader Joe's: Mineral water, new Luna bar flavor (see below), soy yogurt, almond milk, tofu.
Clark's (natural/organic store): Multigrain tempeh and Vegenaise.

It's been a tasty day.

First up I had some Chocolate Almond Butter oats, and Roomie Gennaya shared some of her french press coffee with me. The Starbucks Tribute Blend is really good.

This mug is also hers, it's like getting a taste of the homeland. Side of Emma Stone on the cover of Glamour, love her. 

Lunch was this soup from the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart meal plan. I've never actually done the plan, I just have the app for iphone and use it sometimes for recipes. Bianca at Vegan Crunk has done the whole thing; if you start with this post you can read about the whole experience.

Red Lentil Artichoke Stew
Made 10 cups, 140 calories each. 

I liked this okay, but it was too tomato-y at first, so the addition of a serving of frozen peas to each 1.5 cup serving sweetens it up and makes it awesome. The recipe I think says it makes 6 one-cup servings, but it made me 10 cups easy. 

For snack I tried this new Luna Bar flavor I spotted at Trader Joe's: Chocolate Dipped Coconut.

It's official - definitely my new favorite Luna Bar flavor. So. Good. The top is almost like a coconut frosting, but not too sweet or overwhelming. 

Dinner was an adaptation of the Curry "Chicken" Salad from Vegan Planet. I played with the ratios and ingredients a bit, but it's basically some Vegenaise (I used way less than is in the recipe), whole grain dijon mustard, celery, almonds, craisins, tempeh, curry powder and sweet relish. I served it with spinach on a Naturals Oroweat Sandwich Thin, and of course I have lots of leftovers. It fell apart a little bit though, I can see why people usually put these in pitas. 

This evening I know I'll be craving something sweet. Perhaps some frozen soy yogurt? 

In other news, I bought Britney's new album on itunes last night, and I kind of love it.