Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fulminant Finals Freakout Tuesday

Yeah that pretty much sums it up. Finals start in 5 days. I've lost it a little. I feel a little zombie-like. But like a good vegan, instead of brains to eat, I just want coffee. And anything dessert-like.

I don't even know where my day went, but it's gone, I guarantee I didn't learn enough and there are far far too many drugs to know for pharmacology.

On top of that, I've been snacking like there's a famine starting. Not the good healthy snacking, the emotional eating kind that ruins my appetite for my healthy meals and makes me feel blech.

Sunday I discovered I really like cinnamon Cheerios. Too much.

Last night for dinner I poured chocolate chips and maple syrup into a jar of cashew butter and ate it with a spoon. It sort of reminded me of when I was a kid and Mom would make rice crispy treats for dinner and tell us we had to have a piece of fruit first. So I ate an apple with my balanced sugar rush.


At least I'm rounding it out a little - I took my audio pathology review on a 4 mile run this morning, and today for the first time I took my new bike to school, and later to the grocery store. 

You know that phrase, "It's like riding a bike"? Turns out that applies to actually riding a bike as well. Despite the fact that I haven't really ridden in years, it's going pretty well. That said, my legs are TIRED. It's definitely a different set of muscles from running. 

Also, I learned I must tighten the seat screw very tightly when I adjust the height - it fell while I was riding today after I tried to change it. No problem really, it just made the ride back a little less comfortable. 

I'm still entertaining name suggestions - I have a few good ones in the running, I'm just waiting to get a better feel for her personality you know?


Easter Chocolate of the Day #3: Cashew Cluster. I think cashews are my favorite nut. 

I need some help - I know there's lots of finals going on right now, what's your best stress-coping strategy?

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