Friday, May 6, 2011

Build Your Own Triathlon. Have Some Freaking Fun.

Doing only one type of exercise gets boring. Both for my brain and my muscles. So today, to counteract taking the last couple finals of my week (only 2 left), I did something fun.

(Besides eating these awesome overnight oats.)

Overnight mix: 1/2 cup oats, 1/4 cup yogurt, 4 oz. milk. Topped in the morning with strawbs and bananas.

So, something fun. 

I built in my own triathlon. Let's clarify, I'm not a triathlete really, and I'll save my swimming background for a different post, but I own a bike now, and as a student I get free access to the university pool, so sometimes I think I ought to take advantage of that.

I realized with the bike commute and morning run, I could swim after my finals and make it a triathlete day, so I looked up distances for a sprint triathlon:

Swim: 750 m (0.47 miles, 15 laps in 25 m pool)
Run: 5k (3.1 miles)
Bike: 20k (12.4 miles)

I added a few miles to my bike commute to make the distance, and I didn't do it all in a row, which made it pretty manageable. My day looked like this (sorry for the cell pics - I don't try to carry my camera on the bike with everything else):

5 am: Run my 5k loop, about 30 mins. 
6:30 am: Bike commute - 3.5 miles
8:30 am: Finals - Preventative Medicine and Biochemistry
9:30 am: Swim 1500 meters, about 40 mins.
(I doubled the race distance, 750 crawl without stopping, then 750 of drills and other strokes.)

Fancy hair. Adorable google lines. I heart swimming. 

11 am: Bike commute to lunch - 2 miles

Zipped up and hauled on the bike.

11:45 am: Seis de Mayo lunch with friends! I got a veggie burrito.

1 pm: Bike home with some extra mileage - 7 miles

I'm a little tired, but running very high on endorphins, and that's a lovely way to end a long week of finals.

And so, this calls for a big dinner. I actually don't know what I'm going to cook, but it's going to be awesome.

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