Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pharmacology You Surprise Me a bite of some food you've been eyeing that looks awful but actually tasting it doesn't make you gag, but you still never want to eat it again.

That's how I feel about this morning's pharmacology test. We'll find out tomorrow if I passed. I think maybe I did.

It was a long road to get here though.

Tuesday night my computer broke. (I'm writing this from the computer in the study room at school.) I don't know what's wrong with it - it's like the computer and keyboard aren't synchronized anymore. Hitting "f" gets me a search box. Hitting "m" does absolutely nothing. Some letters work fine - but not enough of them that I can actually type.

So that brought me to school so I could study all my online flashcards. And I've basically been here for the past 28 hours. It was made infinitely better by sitting here in the study room with some of my classmates, instead of my usual solitary path lab studying. It felt much less isolating and overwhelming.

I went home for 3 hours last night during which time I didn't so much go to sleep as drop directly into a coma. Midnight's a great time to bike - no one on the roads, and from 12:30 - 3:00 am I was a little bit like a dead person.

In the past 28 hours I've consumed 3 (working on #4) of these full of coffee, one of black tea, and at least 4 cans worth of diet coke. Starbucks loves me. As does the campus vending machine:

Whatever it took, I was going to get through this material. If I fail, it's not because I didn't work as hard as I possibly could.

Next up tomorrow: Preventative Medicine and Biochemistry (combined)

Monday: Pathology (after a Sabbath's rest and a Sunday full of studying - I'm not even thinking about this one yet.)

Unfortunately this means I can't sleep now, but the day after I lose a night's sleep is never the worst, it'll be tomorrow that I feel like a real zombie. I can crash then, after my test.

Hopefully I can also go get my computer fixed, because I have some recipe plans for Saturday that I want to be able to share. Not to mention the alarming inconvenience of not having a computer at home in general.

When does lost sleep affect you most? Anyone have great tips for making it through tomorrow cheery and awake?

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