Monday, May 2, 2011

Pathophysiology You Hurt Me in My Soul.

Finals weeks have begun. This morning/afternoon was pathophysiology. What can I say? It's a hard class. Tomorrow we'll find out if we passed. Never in my life have I been more concerned that I'm going to have to repeat something. If I do fail, I probably won't mention it. Writing it would make it real. 

So, the finals week recap-to-date:

Days completed: 1

Tests completed: 1 (in two heart-stomping 2.5 hour parts)

Days to go (not including Boards/Boards practice): 7

Tests to go: 4

Score to date: 
  Finals: 1
  Me: 0

On that note, I leave you with happy pictures of Easter Chocolates of the Day #4-9, because I kept forgetting to post them. The last one - coconut, was definitely my favorite. I'm working on a recipe...

Chocolate Caramel

I actually forget...but it was good.

Cashew Cluster

Pecan Caramel

Mocha Caramel

Coconut Caramel

And now, off to cram everything a year of Microbiology hasn't taught me into my head before tomorrow's final. Rickettsia? Neisseria? Babesia? Legionella? In my head they become a jumbled mess. 

I have this book:
...but it still doesn't feel simple. 

Have great days. 

If you don't have finals (even if you do), do something fun and tell me about it so I can live vicariously!

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