Thursday, February 10, 2011

At least maybe I can marry rich?

The second day of tests is usually the worst, in terms of how difficult it feels. If I can't make it through, my back-up plan is to become a trophy wife. I'd be awesome at managing a mansion and keeping a tiny pet in my purse.

After a 40 min yoga workout, I started the day with these, trying to set the tone for some fabulousness:

I bought them about a year ago to study for Christmas finals - I like to wear heels while I study. 

After putting on my heels, breakfast time. Guess what was on sale at the grocery store this week? 

Yes, strawberries!! So of course I had to have some Strawberry Banana Oatmeal with agave. They're definitely not in-season juicy deliciousness, but they still brought some fresh berry life to my morning. And $2 for the pound, that's med student budgeting right there.

Then: THE TEST. Whatever. Mr. Test, we are NOT friends. Give me back my friendship bracelet. 

Then home to a little bit of this. And I mean a little bit. Studying at all after the second day of tests is considered a triumph in my mind:
Boards review. We'll be seeing a lot of this in the future. 
EDIT: I forgot to say, I'm caught up in my study plan!! Yes!

Some wonderful friends/classmates came over to watch this week's Bachelor and not talk about the test. That was great. Do you watch? Are you afraid of crazy-eyes Michelle?

And then lunch:
Spinach-Walnut Salad and Roasted Sweet Potato rounds. (22 mins at 450 degrees, flipped once).

After some relaxation, I went to tutoring. The university helps run a program for kids in the next town to come get homework help, and I've been working with an awesome girl on math for the past 2 years. Last year was pre-calc, this year is calculus. She's really bright and I fully believe she'll end up in med school if that continues to be her goal. It's kind of great getting out of the med school bubble for a bit and doing something I feel like I'm good at. Today was integrals with variable substitutions. 

And then dinner. I couldn't decide what I wanted, but just ended up grabbing a few things a it turned out to be a very satisfying snack-dinner.
Carrots, celery and tomato-basil hummus. Rice noodles with teriyaki and lime, eaten with chopsticks, like I think I'm cool or something. Side of TJ's mineral water - LOVE that stuff. 

And now I'm about to go switch my laundry and fall asleep. 

5 am: Run/Breakfast/Cram some info in my head
8:30 am: Test
10:15 am (or whenever I finish): Drive away, go up the coast and have a wonderful Valentine's Weekend Adventure!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone. We made it. 


Mina said...

I had rice noodles for dinner too! And I love sweet potatoes! thats exactly how I make it too :) Ugh I love how healthy your food is.

Vampire said...

That looks like a lovely dinner =)

Mich said...

I never thought to cook sweet potatoes like that!! I can't wait to make it.

Those are some hot shoes. I'd love to be a trophy wife. I'd buy every pair of Lacroix I could find. <3

Megan D said...

Love those heels!! And I am about to roast some sweet taters right now for lunch :)

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