Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Weekend: Part III

Sunday brought a run along the beach for Boyfriend and myself. We're training for an April 10 half-marathon.

Around mid-day we got some coffee at the Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting Co. And shopped for houses in the real estate ads. 

Breakfast didn't really happen until about 3 in the afternoon. There was (unpictured) bacon and eggs, as well as roast red potatoes (30 mins at 425), fruit and of course, Pumpkin Muffins!

Our house was just a couple blocks from downtown, so then we went on a jaunt. There was coffee, browsing, walking, sitting, even a trip to Anthropologie, because I just can't help myself (but I didn't buy anything - boyfriend took care of the Anthro cravings with my Valentine's Day present). 

And evening saw us back at home, eating leftovers, perhaps some ice cream, and pretty much having an awesome time. Wedding charades were played, in celebration of Eric and Arisa's engagement. My boyfriend wrote the phrase, "Sarah Palin hunts humans." This was not easy for me to act out. He claims he wrote that before he knew the theme. I have my doubts. 

Turtle Trails from Purely Decadent (soy-based). This may be a new favorite ice cream flavor. It even went over well with all the omnis. 

Sunday was another lovely day.

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