Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Food Monotony. (and an awesome song)

Are you guys familiar with Sam Tsui or Christina Grimmie?

I was rocking out to this while doing pharmacology quizzing today. I'm pretty sure between the head bobbing, pencil drumming, and serious high side-ponytail study hair, I looked like a crazy. Then again, everyone starts to look a little crazy the day before tests.

I like it way better than the original version, which is saying a lot, because I liked the song to begin with. 

And now, I want to talk about food monotony. I present...a link to Sunday's food. Because I've eaten precisely the same thing for the past three days, snacks included (with one exception, see below). I'm not really sure how I feel about this food repetition, but it does happen, often. 

On the one hand, it keeps me from being preoccupied with meals when I'm studying. I mean, that's kind of the point of making meals to have as leftovers later. On the other side, I really like food planning/cooking as a study break and relaxing activity. I also find that if there's too much food monotony, no matter how delicious, I go crazy on a box of cereal or something - out of boredom. 

Knowing this (and having finished my Carrot Cake Pancakes yesterday) I made a little variation on my usual breakfast theme this morning. 
Chocolate Blackberry Oats
Chocolate Mocha Ghirardelli Powder + Trader Joe's Blackberry Jam in quick oats. It was like the flavored hot chocolates I used to love as a kid. The next time I have raspberry jam, I think it would be even better. It was perfect brain fuel for my long day. 

Study Day recaps:
5 am: Wake up, strength workout, shower
6:15 am - 7 am: Boards prep. 30 practice questions, 10 review questions. Pack food, eat breakfast.
7:15 am - 9:00 pm: Move into the school and try not to hate my life. 
10 pm: sleep. 
The same. Except a 5.5 mile run instead of the strength workout. 

Tomorrow, tests finally start. I would love to do well, but mostly I just want them over. Then again, the days right before are the worst. No fun at all. Well, except for my awesome music choices.

Do you guys get food-monotony-boredom? How do you avoid it?


Mich said...

I love mixing jam in with oatmeal. Strawberry rhubarb jam in Ready-Brek is the best.

I do the same thing--find myself eating the exact same thing for days, sometimes weeks at a time. it's so easy to just slip into a pattern like that. To avoid it, I do mini supermarket runs multiple times a week instead of doing one big shopping trip, so I can get something different each time. That helps.


unbeautiful said...

I loved the song. I really like Sam Tsui. He's a good singer. The girl was good too. :)
I never have the same food every day. Well sometimes I have the same cereal in the morning but that's really about it. 0.o

Chelsea said...

I repeat meals a lot too, especially when school is super busy! I try to keep things interesting by trying out at least one new recipe per week.

Vampire said...

I don't really get the food monotony thing, but I do get drink monotony >.<

Wings to set me free said...

I repeat food plans too. I normally find that they are slightly restrictive though. It's so frustrating. I like you're oatmeal idea:) Def gunna try it!

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