Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekends Fly Don't They?

Where did my Saturday go?

All of a sudden I'm sleepy, it's dark, and I haven't learned nearly enough. I guess it was a good day. I did lots of cooking so I'd have good leftovers available for my busy week of studying and tests.

After my previously mentioned Carrot Cake Pancakes, I pretty much just relaxed. I believe I watched: The Social Network, Vampire Diaries, CSI, CSI:NY, I Used to Be Fat and possibly others. Sometimes that's the kind of day I need.

I managed to leave the house for some groceries, and I had to go to two stores, because rice noodles were surprising hard to find, but that was the extent of my outside adventuring.

For lunch, I made Pad Thai from The Vegan Table. It has tofu and broccoli along with the rice noodles, bean sprouts and peanut sauce. I've never attempted my own Pad Thai before, but I'm so glad I will have leftovers of this for a while. Next time though, I'd cut the noodles and double the veggies. Actually that's how I like pretty much everything.

Cilantro and lime wedge on top. Now I just need a salad roll. I'm putting that on the list of things to make soon.

Dinner was more brown rice and homemade curry. 
Hello shadowy dark kitchen. Thanks for making my food look so great.

And for dessert, hot vanilla soymilk. I also had an apple, a carrot and a serving of Cinnamon Life Cereal as snacks.

Workout: Not so much.

Boards Prep: 30 practice questions, 20 review questions. I'm back on track to be caught up Thursday! I'm just not sure how easy it will be to stay caught up with board review while studying for the midterms (which start Wednesday). I just have to decide that it's a priority I guess. I mean, that's how I fit in exercise. If I only did things I felt I actually had time for, I wouldn't cook, exercise or sleep. I'd just study. That's the atmosphere I guess. 

And now to sleep. My full day of nothingness as worn me out. 

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Mich said...

Looks delicious. <3

Yeah being short definitely doesn't help with the closet situation. In most closets, I can't reach the top two shelves, so everything gets stuffed into the lower ones...

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