Friday, February 4, 2011

Vegan at Melting Pot

No, not the United States, the restaurant.

Anyone with unique dietary needs has probably had this experience, but I find that eating out is one of the hardest parts about being vegan. It's far from impossible, but sometimes it just takes some planning ahead.

So I mentioned that dinner I got back quite late from right? It was at the Melting Pot. For those of you that haven't been, it's basically a dining extravaganza involving fondue pots at the table. It's typically 4 courses (if you order the full meal) - cheese fondue with bread, apples and veggies, then a salad, then broth for cooking meat, veggies, tofu, ravioli etc, then chocolate for fruit and other desserts.

I had perused the menu on-line, so in the afternoon I called up the restaurant to ask my questions.
1. Did the tofu on the vegetarian option have any eggs or dairy?
    Yes: It comes pre-marinated. So that was a no.
2. Did they have any other pasta besides the two types of ravioli mentioned?
     No. Both contain cheese, so that's a negative as well.
3. Did the breading on the onion rings contain eggs or dairy?
4. Did the chocolate all contain milk?
    (I didn't actually ask this question because I'm limiting my dessert consumption right now anyway, but I suspect it does.)
5. Which salad dressings are vegan?
    Raspberry walnut vinaigrette and house.
6. Are the broths vegan?
   Yes, they all use vegetable broth as a base. (This actually surprised me. Way to go melting pot.)

So after getting these answers, I was able to eat very healthfully, but quite well. I didn't have much choice with the cheese fondue course, but the salad was great.

California salad with no cheese. 

Delicious veggies. Edamame, asparagus, mushroom, artichoke hearts. I also got some broccoli and red potato as sides. Our waiter was very accommodating, but kind of laughed at me too.

Getting cooked up. 

Dessert tray. I had some (undipped) strawberry and banana. The waiter handed my little fruit side and called me "the fruit lady." Perfect dessert. 

Katie, Me, Jenny - modeling the skewers. Happy birthday Jenny!

Do any of you have good tips for eating out at non-vegan restaurants?

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Mich said...

Glad you managed to eat a decent meal at Melting Pot! I went there once (Little Sis picked that as her birthday restaurant of choice). I spent most of the night outside, trying not to vomit. I HATE cheese, and the whole place stank of it. I started gagging as soon as I walked in the door. >:(

A shame, because the desserts looked pretty exciting.


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