Sunday, February 6, 2011


I'm listening to this on repeat. Usually I don't really go for swearing in songs, so I've switched in the clean version, but I actually think it's well-placed in the original, should you be inclined to go find it. 

I think I like it so much because I've been feeling so very less than perfect. Not that I ever expect to feel actually perfect, or close, but studying for tests always makes me feel like I'm in way over my head. 

It was a gorgeous day though. You could see the mountains, which is always a plus, because often they're obscured by smog. Yes, I really live where the pollution is visible. But not today.

Then again, I've experienced none of this "Snowpocalypse" that's apparently happening around the whole country. I think I wore a jacket last week...

So after a bit of a late start, I got myself out for a six mile run in the quasi-clear air. After that, breakfast of course:

Leftover Carrot Cake Pancakes! With Newman's Own Black tea and hot applesauce. I always reheat pancakes in the toaster, mostly because the microwave makes them squishy, and any other method would've taken too long, considering my level of ravenousness (a word? not sure.)

And then...

I packed up everything I would need to move into the school for the day and get my study ON. Brita pitcher, because the water at school is gross, water bottle, to put the water in, plus a mug for making tea, a thermos of already-prepared tea and food for the day.
Lunch: Leftover Pad Thai. 
Snacks: Apple, orange, Cinnamon Life.
Dinner: Double Pea Soup from Veganomicon, and 2 carrots. 
I consider myself pretty lucky to have access to a large refrigerator and microwave at school. It really expands my options. 

The soup in all it's glory. It's easily the least-appetizing-looking soup I've ever made. This is the kind that makes small children run away screaming. So GREEN. It's pretty good though. I might add something extra like beans or pasta if I made it again, but it'll fuel my studying brain, so I'll take it. 

And so off I went to study at the university. There are always quite a few of my classmates there at any time of the day or night on the weekend before tests, so I wasn't too lonely. 10 hours later, I came home. And got to...

Boards prep: 30 practice q's. 10 review q's. Still on track. Yes. 

Superbowl was today I think? Who won?


unbeautiful said...

I love the song. =)
Your view is so pretty. I don't really have much to look at besides the occasional deer (and that's only when I'm in the semi-country with my grandparents).
The Green Bay Packers won. ;)

Mina said...


Belle Armed said...

I wish i could cook like that.

Vampire said...

Oh that's awesome ^_^ I love how you plan out your meals so carefully

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