Friday, February 4, 2011

I Really Like Friday.

Mina and GraceyJ: You are so sweet. What would I do without you?

So, today.
Friday is a great day. Pretty much always. Whatever I have to do, I have the imminent weekend to brighten my mood. And though I'll spend most of the weekend studying, from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday I always take Sabbath, so I've been looking forward to it immensely.

Today I didn't jump out of bed right when my alarm went off, I'm pretty tired these days, but I got up quick enough I guess. I did a 4-miler, and by the time I was showered and dressed my stomach was actually growling audibly. That's pretty unusual.

So to breakfast: You may think, why does it look like you have dirt in your oatmeal? And that would be understandable. 
But it's chocolate!

Chocolate Mocha Oatmeal
3/4 cup (60 g) quick oats
3 oz. (about 1/3 cup) vanilla soymilk
5 oz. (about 2/3 cup) water
Microwaved 2:30
15 g Chocolate Mocha Powder

That's starting the day off right.

I packed up my lunch - Tofurky sandwich and carrots. Wow that's an aggressively colored cutting board. It's actually more red in real life, though that's not better I guess.

And snacks.

I went to the school to study, take a practice test, do a quiz with my group, and study some more. Midterms start on Wednesday, but I have a lot to learn between now and then. When I started fading in the afternoon, I got out to Starbucks and got myself some coffee. By the time dinner rolled around I was pretty hungry. 
Spinach salad with 1 tbsp walnuts, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Red Tofu Curry (thawed from the freezer) with 1 cup brown rice - hidden underneath. 
Two things I learned from this dinner:
1. Vegetable curry freezes great.
2. Trader Joe's cooked brown rice tastes way better than my cooked brown rice. I may need some help in that area. Rice experts? Can you help me? Mine just wasn't nearly as good.

Boards prep: I did my 30 practice questions, but I didn't get to my review q's today. That means twice as many tomorrow. Must stop slacking. 

For the moment, though, I'll enjoy this lovely time to be relaxed. I have The Social Network from Redbox that I'm planning to watch tomorrow. And I see cooking in my future as well. Happy weekend loves!


Megan D said...

Your chocolate oats look delicious! Loved the Social Network btw :)

unbeautiful said...

Your food usually looks so yummy. Although I am against your spinach salad. I hate spinach. lol. Glad you like it though since it's very good for you. You are a female Popeye! (In case you don't know who that is, it's a cartoon sailor who eats spinach to get his strength up to fight the bad guys messing with his girl Olive. 0.o)

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