Saturday, February 19, 2011

Observations of a Coffee Shop Studier

Happy weekend!

Yesterday brought me back to Santa Barbara for the weekend, both to visit and say goodbye to some friends that are moving away soon.

I left after my first 2 hours of class and made it here by lunchtime. I took myself out to Sojourner Cafe, the site of my Valentine's Dessert

It took me longer than the average person to decide, because so much choice is, as usual, not something I'm particularly used to. 

I finally decided on one of the specials, the Mulligatawny Vegetable Stew, a cinnamon-curry medley served over brown rice with a chutney. It was rainy and turned out to be just what I wanted. 

After lunch, I went to the Montecito Starbucks to study for the afternoon until Boyfriend finished work. 
Coffee with nutmeg and cinnamon. Tall corner table by the bar. 

I'm not a regular coffee-shop studier, but I do like to go on Fridays even when I'm not out of town because otherwise I think to myself, "It's the weekend, I'll study later." When in fact, not studying on Friday = behind for the rest of the weekend, and no time to review. 

People-Things observed while trying to do anything but learn studying

1. The staff works dang cheerfully for how quickly they're cleaning/taking orders/making drinks. I really like this location. 

2. The handsome older guy with gray hair who was clearly studying for some sort of test. I hope I'm still striving to learn things at that age. 

3. A tall European couple. The girl had to spell her name for the cashier because he couldn't understand what she said. I wanted to steal her boots.

4. The middle age guy with just-long-enough-hair-to-be-creepy who talked to the college student next to me just-long-enough-to-be-creepy. 

5. Hot chocolate was the drink of choice. I suppose it was raining. 

6. Despite the rain, some people still walked out with their Venti Fraps. To be fair, I drink hot coffee in sweltering weather, so I guess we all have our things. 

7. Sitting next to the bulletin board may lead to developing a paranoia that people are looking at you, when, in fact, they just want to consult the concert schedule. 

8. The older woman who, upon getting her oatmeal, proceeded to spread all the elements out on the bar and assemble it right there. She was adorable in her little plastic rain bonnet, but I wonder if any of the people minded who had to reach around her and her wildly spread nuts and fruit to get their drinks.

9. Despite all this time spent watching people, I did learn quite a bit, and went happily into my Friday evening feeling excited for Sabbath and a rest. 

Again, a happy weekend to you my friends. It's extra-long; how are you celebrating President's Day?

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Mich said...

That menu looks so fun!! I love trying new things, and there's nothing on the menu of that place that I've eaten before. It all looked pretty healthy, too...

I put nutmeg and cinnamon in my coffee every morning. It's so yummy!

Hope you're having a good weekend. <3

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