Friday, March 4, 2011

Coffee Shops and Choirs.

Breathe a sigh of relief. It's Sabbath. We made it.

I looked in the mirror this morning after my shower and thought, "Oh, look at those dark patches. I must have some of yesterday's mascara under my eyes."

After a good scrub with the makeup remover, I was no closer to removing the dark circles. It's been that kind of week.

My run was 4 miles this morning, and I felt so slow and tired through the whole thing.

After a few hours of studying/class, we had a meeting to talk about signing up for what order we'll do our rotations in next year. There are 7 required rotations during the third year: surgery, pediatrics, OB/GYN, family, neuro, psychiatry, medicine (and a 2 week elective). We have to turn in our preferences for the order in which we do them. There are lots of pro/cons, I'll post about that once I think about it a little more.

Afternoon brought some coffee shop studying. I am a Starbucks gold member, only because of all the Friday afternoons I've spent there studying. Snack was a mini Clif Bar - Blueberry Crisp. I like the mini ones for snack (100 calories). The full size ones seem like way too much unless I'm actually climbing a cliff. Side of herb & supplement pharmacology.

On Fridays I quit at sundown for Sabbath, 5:47 pm today. I whipped up a quick DIY rice bowl with stovetop tofu, steamed teriyaki broccoli and Trader Joe's lime rice. 

Then this evening the University Church had the Cal Baptist Men's Chorale come for a vespers service and it was awesome. I don't actually know anyone in the choir, but I can still say they did an awesome job. 

Tomorrow boyfriend will get here midmorningish, and (do I need to say it again?) I'm buying a bed!

I hope I wake up less tired, but either way, after 2 years, it's my last night of sleeping on this piece of memory foam. 

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Mich said...

Ooo I love bed shopping! I want a new one, but I think it would take the better part of several weeks to disassemble and move the old one.

Do you know what classes you want to do most? I think I'd go for psychiatry and neuro, maybe surgery just to dissect things. But then again I'm kind of a tard when it comes to things that require serious academics, so I'd prob be an epic fail at all of them....

Hope you're having a good weekend! <3

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