Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Goals: Week 2

Well friends, we're two weeks into March.

Winter finals start tomorrow, but I needed a little study break (as my previous post indicates, studying really wears my nerves down), so I thought I'd do a little check-in. I'm getting really frustrated with GI drugs - and all the other drugs, and the pathophys, and the pathology and jiminy Christmas is it Friday yet?

(Want to test yourself? Here's my online flashcards: GI Drugs via Quizlet.)

As you may or may not recall, I have some goals I'm working on this month: Original goals. and Week 1 Update.

1. Family: Talking to them every week.
    I talked to everyone!! yay! Even Shannon (the next sister after me). She's at the Air Force Academy and almost impossible to get a hold of. We played phone tag for like 3 days. Cheers for persistence.

2. Fitness:
   a. Keeping up with runs:
 I had to give my twisted foot a little break this past week, so I skipped my Wednesday 3-miler and my Friday 4-miler. But this week I'm 2/2 (11 on Saturday and 7 this morning).
   b. Trim up a bit: I'm happy to say I'm feeling really well and I've lost a couple pounds in the past 2 weeks.

3. School: pass midterms (actually winter finals)

  Ha. We'll know Friday or possibly Monday, depending on when they get scores up. Not to worry, there will be plenty of angsting about it in the next few days while I take the tests.
4. Boards:
   a. Practice questions: 

       I have 500 questions (down from 700 last week) left in the Qbank. It's depressing though; I score really poorly on these.
   b. Doctors in Training: Stay caught up
       Well, I was caught up as of Sunday. I'm actually planning to do the Mon-Tues-Wed set all tomorrow after tests. I don't consider myself behind until I have more than one set in my 
inbox, so I'm going to count this as successful. 

And now a little lunch highlight, because the most exciting thing that happened to me today was getting kicked out of the lab where I study (freshmen had tests starting this afternoon). I had to find a new spot, so I headed to Stell, a local coffee shop, and I've been here approximately 6 hours. I'm about to head back to school, now that it's afternoon and they're done testing, but while here I had a lovely lunch:

Hummus Sandwich with Avocado on Wheat and Spring Mix Salad

And now back to work. Pharmacology I WILL figure you out.


Anonymous said...

You are doing so well with all your revision. I always found pathphys hard (although I am a vet so I guess things are a little different!)
Good luck in all your tests.

Chelsea said...

Wow girl, it sounds like school is busy for you! Make sure to relax and have some fun too. ;)

Also, just to respond to your question about my diet analysis: according to the food guide I was low in dairy and grains, and according to the DRIs, I was low in vitamin D and polyunsaturated fats (not really sure if that's correct considering how much soy nut butter, flaxseed, and fish I eat haha).

Mich said...

Went through almost all of those flashcards with a friend. He knew the answers to nearly all of them. (He's a molecular biologist or something...). I felt dumb. :/ Good luck with your finals! I'm sure you'll do really well, you sound like one smart cookie.

That sandwich looks delicious! Minus the cucumber, for me tho.... What else is in it, besides the lettuce, tomato, onion, and hummus? I want to make one to bring to work.

Good for you talking to everyone in your family! I don't talk to mine nearly enough. There's too many of us. :(

Happy St. Paddy's Day, luv! xoxo

GraceyJ said...

Hey hun! thanks for the comments on my page :P
i dont think im following you for some reason.. better change that hehe

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