Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Goals: Week 3

Last night I had a dream that Natalie Portman and I got in a plane crash over a lake and had to wade through chest deep water helping lots of people with amputated limbs. I was also concerned that she was going to be injured and, since she's pregnant, end up with Sheehan's Syndrome, or pituitary dysfunction because of blood loss. Although technically the blood loss typically comes from the actual childbirth, and if she's injured in a plane crash, her pituitary is one of the least of her problems.

I have no idea what this dream means, but I feel like in real life we would be friends, though of course we've never met so I've no idea why I would think that, but she's vegan too. And hilarious. Remember this SNL Natalie Portman Rap from a few years ago? [This link, though the edited version, carries a drug reference, swearing and innuendo warning. Mom, Dad, probably don't click that.]

Perhaps it means one day I'll be an award-winning rockstar doctor with the kind of notoriety of one of Hollywood's favorite actresses? Likely.

Well anyway, when I'm not saving people from hypovolemic shock and drowning and hanging out with Oscar winners in my dreams, I'm muddling my way through a pretty normal life.

We're 3 weeks (and a couple days) into March. I'm working on some goals, so here's how that's going:

Previous posts on this can be found here: March Goals.

1. Family: Talk to them every week.
   This week I didn't do quite as well, partially because my sisters are on Spring break as well and rather busy. I have at least text-communicated with everyone, and I had a great hour-long talk with Shannon on Sunday, her birthday. Happy Birthday sister!

2. Fitness:
  a. Keep up with runs: Though I've tried to be faithful to occasionally resting my twisted foot, it's not completely healed. It hurts a little less and I've been doing all right, but I'm trying not to push it too hard because I don't want to be miserable during the race, which is only 2.5 weeks away. So far both this week and last week I've just skipped my short run (Wednesday 3 miler). If you're interested in more detail on my weekly workouts you could check out the race page. I'm supposed to run a full 13 this weekend. We'll see how that goes.
   b. Trim up a bit: In the past 3 weeks I've lost a little over 5 pounds. I definitely don't expect that rate to continue, but the (relatively) quick drop just tells me my body's more comfortable closer to where I am now. More importantly I'm just feeling better and my clothes are fitting more like I prefer.

3. School: Pass winter finals.
  For my reaction to this, I refer you to Monday's post. I'm going to go ahead and try to be satisfied with the fact that I'm passing all my classes, but I was disappointed with my performance, and it has made it harder to refocus on Boards studying.

4. Boards: 
I think I'm going to start a Boards countdown ticker: just 64 days to go. How can I possibly learn everything in just 64 days?
  a. Practice questions: Qbank
        Down to 300 from 500 last week. I'm not actually certain I can reset it right when I finish because I have to wait 6 months from the time I activated it, and I think that was mid-october, so it might still be like 3 weeks until I'm eligible for reset. That's all right though, I'm just going to slow down and start taking more time with the explanations. That was the plan for after I reset it anyway, so why not now?
  b. Doctors in Training: Stay Caught Up
      Even in the midst of finals, I've not fallen behind with these at all, and a couple times this week I found something I learned from these questions helping me with a practice question from the Qbank. It's a great feeling to be learning something. I'm trying to remind myself that every little fact is one potential question, and although the total volume of information seems insurmountable, I'm capable of learning those little facts one by one.

One week left. Let's make it a good one.


Kelsey said...

Maybe your dream means that someday you'll be Natalie Portman's doctor? Probably.

Bianca said...

Perhaps your dream means you're studying too much. :-)

GraceyJ said...

interesting dream! oh and good luck with your goals sweetie

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