Sunday, March 20, 2011

Now that's Breakfast.

Breakfast today didn't happen until about 11:30 because our run took so long. It was 8 miles today, but I'm just remarkably slow. I was frustrated with how much I felt like I was dragging, considering the race is only 3 weeks away. Boyfriend runs way faster, so I just met him at home after we tried my slow pace a little while.

However, there was a highlight. Just a block down from my house, one of my neighbors was bagging up oranges from his orange trees and putting them out on the sidewalk for people to take, free.

Of course I grabbed a bag and had an orange for my initial post-workout snack. They're wonderfully sweet and the bag smells like creamsicles.

We juiced some up, mostly for boyfriend. I like orange juice in theory, but I'd so much rather just eat the orange. 

Then it was breakfast time. I made a breakfast bowl with this Honey Almond Flax Crunch cereal from Trader Joe's. It's a lot like Kashi Go Lean crunch, in taste and nutrition, and it does have honey, so it's suitable for honey-eating vegans (AKA beegans) but not if honey's off your list. For me, I don't buy honey and I use agave when I'm baking etc. but I don't really mind buying products that contain honey like cereal and granola bars. 

I combined 1 serving of this (53 g) with 1/2 cup soy yogurt and 3/4 cup frozen berry blend. I like the berries frozen especially after a long run. The yogurt and cereal thaw them just enough but they're still really cold. I think I'm fortunate to not have sensitive teeth, because I also love my non-dairy ice cream. This bowl has 15 g of protein, and made a very delicious post-workout meal. 

I had a pretty lazy day, and it's been storming outside off and on, which I love. Boyfriend's gone back to Santa Barbara because he has a regular workweek, and it sort of doesn't feel like I'm on Spring Break because tomorrow I'm planning to go to school and study. Sort of depressing actually. For now I'm going to try to enjoy the storm outside, clean up my tornado of a bedroom and have a cup of soy hot chocolate. I hope it keeps raining for a while, I've missed it. 


GraceyJ said...

wow sounds like a good run. food looks great too!

unbeautiful said...

I was studying during spring break too! have fun. ;)

Shannon said...

You forgot to mention you talked to MEEEEEE which I am sure was the highlight of your day by far.

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